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Many school districts are gearing up to hire new educators for the next school year.

Many schools have trouble filling high school teaching positions in math, science, English as a second language and special education, according to the bureau. 

Prospective high school teachers need to be very knowledgeable in the subject area they plan to teach to get hired, says John Mayo, chief human resources officer for Baltimore County Public Schools. And applicants need to make sure they have or are in the process of obtaining necessary credentials to teach in the state they plan to work, he says.

But applicants will need more than just the required credentials. New high school teachers can try the following to get hired.

• Set yourself apart: New high school teachers won’t have years of experience to stand out among dozens of applicants vying for one position, but they should have strong references and highlight all experience relevant to teaching on their application, says Robert Bishop, principal of Arvada West High School in Colorado. That might include experience as a youth leader or camp counselor, he says.

Prospective teachers can also stand out by obtaining a second certification, such as in special education or English as a second language, he says.  

Twitter users suggested applicants show their passion for the subject area they plan to teach, among other things. 

• Network with other educators: There’s nothing wrong with emailing principals and officials in school districts indicating your interest for a job, says Mayo.

“You have to be aggressive in your career if you want something,” he says. “What’s going to make you stand out better than the 20 or 50 other people that are applying for the same position that you are going to apply for?” 

But Mayo cautions prospective teachers not to be overly aggressive. For example, constantly following up after an interview could be a turnoff – one courtesy thank-you email after is enough, he says.

Candidates generally land jobs within the school systems where they do their student internships, he says.

Prospective teachers have the opportunity to make a lasting impression with the school’s leadership team during the internship, and build relationships with teachers, students and parents – which could enhance their chances of being hired by the district, he says.

Twitter users said networking and understanding how a school operates can be helpful in the job hunting process.  

• Be prepared for interviews: The interview process can vary from district to district, and school to school, Mayo says. Sometimes candidates will be asked a series of questions on content knowledge or teaching methodologies, for example. And a candidate may be asked to teach a lesson to a classroom of students – though one is usually given ample notice to prepare for this task, Mayo says.

Providing detailed lesson plans was also among the advice offered by Twitter users. 

And it sounds simple, but adhering to basic interviewing tips like wearing professional attire and not getting flustered during an interview – even if the applicant messes up – are important, says Bishop, the high school principal.

Most importantly, would-be teachers need to know who they are and what they would bring to the school, he says.

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