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There are so many different shoe options out there, it can be hard to know where to start. But Marcella MacDonald, a podiatrist in private practice in Manchester, Connecticut, recommends thinking about how many miles you’ll be putting in as a great place to start. The more you’re running, the more important it becomes to get shoes that fit you just right.

You should also consider what kind of feet you have and what your mechanics are like. Dr. Oluseun Olufade, a sports medicine physician and team doctor for the Atlanta Hawks NBA team says that “specialty running stores have trained staff on-site to help identify shoe styles that are best for your body.”

Okubadejo also recommends having one of these specialists perform a “gait analysis. They’ll look at your feet, the shape of your feet and observe how you walk and run and then make suggestions based on the way you run.”

Olufade adds that while it’s best to try on shoes before you buy to see if they’ll work for your unique feet and running style, there are some generalities that often hold true. The first among these is that you should “replace your running shoes every 300 miles.” The “300 mile rule” typically is about every 6 months for moderate to average runners.

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